Damascus appeared on a various artists LP (Transworld SPLP 101) released by the Samantha Promotions agency in 1970 to promote their bands to the booking agents and college gig circuit. Following notes taken from the various artists LP released by Samantha Promotions on 17th December, 1970.

"Were originally a blues band, but with a change of time came a change of musical taste and they found that they were playing music with more of a blues leaning and so with a complete change of members and musical leaning they never were before. Playing mainly original material. Generally the whole group get together to arrange any numbers, though sometimes no-one turns up 'We always used to re-arrange old material to suit our own style we used to re-arrange stuff so much that it almost became a new number, but that has changed since we changed all our members (the group have 100 watt gear with 100 watt amp)".