As you may already be aware, the British Music Archive is a small network of enthusiasts who, in their spare time, give generously to this non-profit, heritage venture. As such our time and resources are somewhat limited and whilst we endeavour to build an impressive and enjoyable archive and maintain a growing resource, we are admittedly restricted by outside commitments and financial demands (these being our respective full-time occupations and occupational wages).

Therefore we have enabled a facility for which you, the interested individual can help us in our cause by contributing to its progression and success. With only a minor donation can gain further access to resources that are at present ‘out of reach’. Any donation (whatever size) would greatly assist us in the costly procedures of audio transfer and restoration which at present are limited to what we can afford from our own pockets. Our team of voluntary audio engineers have only so much of their own time to give to us and the engineering process is a costly one in both a financial and time sense.

Please remember that this is a non-profit venture and any donations received will be immediately invested into our core efforts namely the upload and restoration of audio and site maintenance.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our immense and eternal gratitude should you wish to make a donation. Your help is invaluable and will help rescue a part of our cultural past before it is too late, so that we may pass it onto our future generations to come.

Thank you.