Charge (Bournemouth)

Charge (Bournemouth)




The following text was  kindly submitted by Dave Ellis, 29/07/2012:

"A seed was sown at the Bournemouth Folk and Rock Contest in February 1972. On stage, a band called Sweet Poison were performing. In the audience, watching closely, were Dave Ellis and Ian MacLaughlin from rival band, Baby Bertha. Both were impressed by Sweet Poison's brand of blues rock, and even more impressed by the exceptional, aggressive playing of Poison drummer, Pete Gibbons. Little did they know then that Pete would be equally impressed by an inspiring performance from flamboyant Bertha vocalist/guitarist, Dave Ellis that would see the band come second place in a competition that featured some the best bands from across the south of England.   Later, in the bar, Pete would introduce himself to Bertha. Mutual tastes and influences were discussed with names like Jimi Hendrix and Ginger Baker (both particularly big heroes of Pete's) Cream, Free and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac all finding favour. Pete also broached the subject of having a jam together.  The timing couldn't have been better. Bertha had been experiencing some 'musical differences' with their own drummer and the idea of jamming with someone new and exploring fresh musical directions was an opportunity not to be missed. A jam was arranged at the Dolphin Hotel in Botley, Hampshire, a couple weeks later. On a chilly Saturday afternoon, Dave, Ian and Pete fired up with the first song, Cream's 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. When the song finished, about 35 minutes later, everybody just stared at each other gob-smacked and grinning from ear to ear. Charge was born.   For the next two years, Charge would build up a loyal following across the south coast. Unlike today, the available technology of the time did not allow for much, if any, 'live' recording and 'live' was indeed the best way to experience the Charge sound. They cut only one demo album of original songs at SRT Studios in Luton in January, 1973. The production stank and the record, to say the least, was a disappointment for the band. Charge ended with the tragic passing of Pete Gibbons from an asthma attack in mid 1975 at only 25 years of age. A dear friend and a great musician. Gone but not forgotten. R I P"

"I have to say this has been an inspiring venture. It has been so long since I've listened to the old stuff. It's brought back some great memories and re-acquainted me with some old friends and musical partners. For that, I'm forever grateful to you. The music is always a great journey, but the friends we make along the way make us what we are today". Dave Ellis. 26/10/2012.


Dave Ellis (guitar, vocals), Ian Mclaughlin (bass guitar, vocals), Pete Gibbons (drums).



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All songs composed by Dave Ellis.

All recorded and photographic material copyright D. Ellis, I. Mclaughlin. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Dave Ellis, Ian Mclaughlin. 2012.

Special thanks to Ian Mclaughlin, Dave Ellis.