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The band was formed by Rick Kemp (of Steeleye Span) he had met Mike Caine  at a recording studio while in London and persuaded him to come to Hull and form a band to record the material that Mike had. Rick was from Hull and was our first manager, but he was too busy so after a short time we signed to the Mcleod Agency in Hull. The members were John Baker on drums and vocals, Graham (Tip) Tiplady bass and myself guitar and vocals. We recorded three songs at the  session & Mike took them as instructed to Chris Parminter at Polydor and he was happy with them.The song Mr. Smith had been recorded by a band from London (The Foresters) who Mike knew and who he had been involved with and it was felt that ‘ Glorified man ‘ might be more suitable for the first release. While Mike was in London he was told that another song was being pushed for us to record and that was ‘Congratulations’ a Martin/Coulter song before it was put forward for Europe.When Mike returned to Hull he told us he needed the band to go to London to work and record which I didn’t fancy and so I reluctantly left the rest of the guys who went off within two weeks, but didn’t stay. They came back and we reformed the band with a new singer.

I didn’t hear from Mike again although someone told me years ago that the record had been released in Europe, but that was never confirmed. Just one other thing Mike always said that was with The Gonks who had a small hit with 'The Gonk Song'.

Submitted by Rod Yeomans on 27/05/2011.

NB. The Foresters recorded their own version of Mr. Smith (b/w Ship On The Sea) in London. It was released by EMI Columbia in 1967.


Mike Caine, John Baker, Graham Tiplady, Rod Yeomans.

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