Anthony Dares Progress

Anthony Dares Progress




ADP Originated from Nottingham circa 1962 as the Fourth Dimension. They auditioned for a competition called 'Are You Good Enough To Make Records' as Anthony Dares Progress. The competition was governed by Steve Arlon, an American entrepreneur who would arrange a record contract for the winning artist. Unfortunately, although ADP made a strong impression, Arlon disappeared and the 'deal' failed to appear. The band then visited Nottingham Sound Studios (based in Aspley, Nottingham) and recorded two self-penned songs (written by D. Gaunt) that they had performed at the audition. Both songs were recorded for a prospective record release, but no deal ever appeared. Studio production by Bob Rowe. Piano on Higher and Higher played by Bob Rowe. Both recordings have been dubbed from acetate onto cassette.

Special thanks to: Dave Gaunt.



Dave Gaunt (vocs), Barry Hart (lead gtr), Barry Husband (bass gtr), Richard Barratt (drums).




Copyright Notices

All songs composed by D. Gaunt.

All recorded and photographic material copyright D. Gaunt, B. Hart, B. Husband, R. Barratt. 2012.