Plague '66

Plague '66




Recordings made at Fairview Studios in Hull with Keith Herd. Formed in Hull in 1965. A popular live band with a heavy Soul and Rhythm & Blues influence. They were signed to the Pete Mcleod agaency. They wore psychedelic clothing with turquoise flares made from old curtains and knee length fur coats. They gained a cult following in their region and auditioned in London for Don Arden and the Marquee Club. Sadly, they were still unsigned by 1967 and decided to rename themselves as That Feeling (see entry).Dick Heaton would later surface in Red Dirt and Juniors Eyes. Kevin Corbett went onto join Reflections after That Feeling.


Kevin Corbett (drums), Dick Heaton (bass guitar), Dave Carmichael (guitar), Dave Jefferson (guitar), Phil Mullet (keyboards), Tony Brown (vocals).



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Special thanks to Kevin Corbett and Dick Heaton.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Kevin Corbett. 2011.