Perfumed Garden

Perfumed Garden




Perfumed Garden originated from Liverpool. Barry Cohen had previously played in local groups such as The Wild Things, Tomorrow's People and the Washington Soul Band. Cohen auditioned for Perfumed Garden in 1968. The band auditioned for CBS records in a West London club, but were turned down. They then set off to record their own songs in a local recording studio called CAM studios based in Moorfields, Liverpool. They chose to record a song by Young Rascals (A Girl Like You) and Cover Girl (originally performed by Skip Bifferty, a recording group from Newcastle). The band were disillusioned with the end results of the recording and neglected to release it as a single. The band carried on with Dave Goldberg replacing Barry Cohen who left in 1969. The Perfumed Garden were playing alongside other local Merseyside bands such as Curiosity Shoppe and The Klubs. Professionally remastered versions of the two recordings presented will be available on Rare Mod (Volume Four), a compilation series of obscure British 1960s bands and their recordings. This will be released on Acid Jazz Records in 2012.

For more information on Perfumed Garden and other bands from the Merseyside area in the 1960s, you can purchase the book Cavern After Hours or visit Barry Cohen's website:


Charlie Berwick (vocals), Barry Cohen (keyboards), John Fitzgibbon (lead guitar), Les Higgins (bass guitar), Peter Pates (drums), Dave Goldberg (keyboards).



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Information kindly supplied by Barry Cohen with notes taken from 'Cavern After Hours', a book written by Barry Cohen, published by AuthorHouse (16/03/2012).

All recorded and photographic material copyright B. Cohen. 2012.

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