Louise originated from the Surrey area circa 1966. The band were previously known as The Kraal, but changed to Louise just prior to gigging in London. Bob Chudley was the band's main singwriter and after attempting Tony Durant's opus song, Rue Morgue, Louise decided to record two shorter songs by Bob Chudley to demo. Both songs featured here were recorded on a Revox half-track reel to reel tape machine in 1967. The band's demo was turned down by such A&R people as Norman Smith for being "a bit too crazy". Smith went on to record Pink Floyd after this. Tony Durant eventually left the band after a while to study at Exeter University and went onto form Fuschia. Chris Cutler joined forces with Dave Stewart then formed Henry Cow. Bob Chudley quit the music scene altogether and became a roofing contractor.


 Tony Durant (guitar, vocals), Bob Chudley (guitar), Nigel Smith (bass guitar), Chris Cutler (drums).



Copyright Notices

All songs written by Bob Chudley. All songs copyright Chudley/Durant/Cutler. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright R. Chudley, T. Durant, C. Cutler. 2012.

Very special thanks to: Bob Chudley, Chris Cutler, Tony Durant, Nigel Lees.