Wicked Lady

Wicked Lady


Recording Date: 1969-1972
Group Members: Martin Weaver (gtr, vocs), Bob Jeffries (bass gtr), Del Morley (bass gtr), Dick Smith (drums).
Additional Info:

Originated in Northampton circa 1968. Singer-guitarist Martin Weaver formed the band with local musicians Dick Smith and Bob Jeffries. The band struggled to make it out of Northampton at the time having gained a reputation for unconventional performances which involved a liberal use of guitar feedback and experimental sound. They gained a large biker following during their existence and set about recording their live set for the sole purpose of having the songs recorded so that they could remember them (according to Martin Weaver). The first set of recordings were made on a two-track Revox machine in 1969 and 1970. After the initial recordings were made, Bob Jeffries left the band to travel around India which enabled Del Morley to take up his position on bass guitar. This revised line-up recorded a further seven songs in 1972. Shortly after these recordings were made, the band split as ‘Mad’ Dick Smith was diagnosed with mental illness aged 28. Martin Weaver joined up with Steve Giles, a fellow Northampton musician who had formed a band and recording project called Dark. Dark recorded an LP which was privately released by the band in a limited pressing in 1972 on SiS records (see entry).

All recorded and photographic material kindly suppliued by Martin Weaver. 2013.

All recorded and photographic material copyright M. Weaver. 2013.

Special thanks to: Martin Weaver, Antoni@Guerssen.