Paradox originated from the Birmingham area as the Capital Systems and became known as Paradox in 1968. Their failure to get a recording contract on the back of their early demos resulted in the departure of drummer, Rob Moore who went on to join fellow Birmingham act, World Of Oz before surfacing in Kansas Hook (see entry). Bob Catley went on to front Magnum, a heavy rock outfit active in the early seventies. Rob Moore returned to join Paradox when they re-united for a single with Ariola records in the mid-seventies. Paradox did have a record released in the USA only (Goodbye Mary b/w Ever Since I Can Remember) in December, 1969 which featured Bob Catley and Dave Morgan (Morgan had originally composed Mary Colinto and been a member of Birmingham band, The Ugly's). Paradox were nearly offered a contract with Pye records in 1968, but Pye failed to finalise on the deal.


Rob Moore (drums), Dave Bailey (keyboard,vocals), Paul Sergeant (guitar,vocals), Bob Catley (vocals).


Tracks 1-4 - 1968. Tracks 5-8 - 1975.

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