Originated from Lewes, Sussex circa 1967. Originally named as Satanic Temple, but dropped the 'Satanic' tag over fears of negative opinions! Recorded five self-penned songs in 1972-1973 at T.M.C. studios in London as Satanic Temple. Made further recordings as Temple in 1975.

Temple were formed in Lewes, East Sussex 1967.

First paid gig - The Lamb, Lewes 1968, for which we were paid £8.

Name at the time was Satanic Temple.  Line up, Andre Wicks, Phil Light, Kevin Purdie, Tony Wiseman, drums, also included Malcolm James on rhythm guitar / vocals.

Tim Reed also drummed for us before Paul Stonehouse.  Pete Thomas (of Elvis Costello & Attractions also drummed for us as a dep, on a couple of occasions)

Roadie, who also did a comedy turn during our later gigs was Stuart Marfleet, who has now sadly passed away.

Both Stuart and Paul are much missed.

As the band grew in popularity in the East Sussex area we started promoting our own gigs at many local halls and venues.  The King and Queen, the Hungry Years and the Richmond, all in Brighton, were popular venues where the band could showcase itself.

In 1974 the band signed its first contract to tour in West Germany, July 1974 for the Grand Attractions Agency following an audition in London.  This was followed by a further visit in December of that year.

Temple first started recording (as Temple) in 1975 at a local studio owned by a friend, and then later at Pebble Beach Sound Recorders in Worthing, West Sussex, which was owned by Adam Sieff, of Marks and Spencer's fame.

Temple also toured in Holland where they were very popular, particularly when featuring their rendition of the 1973 hit Radar Love by Golden Earring.

Temple later recorded at TMC (Tooting Music Centre) in South London, and then later recorded Garlini’s and Sidewalk at Vineyard Studios, South London.  Both recordings made it to acetate, but never quite made it to release.

The band split in 1978, with Phil heading off on a solo career, leaving Andre and Kevin to form “Double Vision”, a popular local duo.



East Sussex.


Kevin Purdie (vocals), Phillip Light (guitar, vocals), Andre Wicks (bass guitar, vocals), Tony Wiseman (drums), Malcolm James (guitar), Paul Stonehouse (drums, vocals).



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