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Mind Exchange

Mind Exchange Genre Rock


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1. My Back Pages

2. Vale Of Time

3. Truck Driving Man

4. Stone Free  

Recording date: 1968-1969

Group Members: Kevin 'Doof' Hambley (vocs), Jack Tait (guitar), Doug Barber (bass gtr), Dave Betts (drums)

Additional Info: Originated from the Isle Of Wight in 1968. The band drove around in a distinctive grocery van painted in psychedelic patterns and colours. As part of a self-promotional stunt, the band wrote messages which were tucked into bottles and then launched from Shanklin pier most of which were washed up on the same shoreline the following week. Recordings have been sourced from a surviving acetate disc of which twelve copies were originally pressed up for band members and their relatives and friends. The band have since been documented in a book entitled Isle of Wight Rock written by Vic King, Mike Plumbley and Pete Turner (Isle of Wight Rock Archives).

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Kevin Hambley.

All recorded and photographic material copyright K. Hambley / J. Tait. 2013.

Special thanks to: Kevin Hambley.

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