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Kimla Taz

Kimla Taz Genre Rock


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1. See You In The Morning My Friend

2. Tomorrow 

Recording date: 1968

Group Members: Tich Gwilym (gtr, vocs), John Morgan (bass gtr), Steve Keeley, Franco Casiario, Colin Roberts (drums), Terry Lewis (kbds).

Additional Info: Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at Decca studios, West Hampstead, London in 1968. Produced by Bob McClure and Kimla Taz. Dubbed directly from original acetate disc. Four further songs were recorded at Decca studios with a view to being released on Decca's subsidiary label, Deram. A song called 'The Rebel' was also recorded. This was recorded at Rockfield studios in 1969, composed by Charlie Ward. Sadly, this is not available. Later members included Franco Casiario and Colin Roberts on drums. Kimla Taz originated from Cardiff in 1967. Before these recordings were made at Decca studios in London, they made recordings in Liverpool at CAM studios, but so far, these recordings have not been located. Tracks 1 & 2 composed by Gwilym / Morgan.

NB. The extract at the bottom of the page is taken from the Plastic Dog newsletter which was put together by promoters at the Granary club in Bristol. Kimla Taz made regular appearances at the club alongside other acts featured in this archive such as: Heaven and Squidd. Al Read was involved in running the club and Plastic Dog after leaving East Of Eden as their lead singer. East Of Eden were signed to Decca (Deram).

Tich gwilym (real name: Robert Gilliam) passed away in June, 2005. Tich Gwilym's son collected a posthumous award for his contribution to the music scene at BBC Radio Cymru's Rock and Pop (RAP) awards.

Very special thanks to: John Morgan.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Tich Gwilym, John Morgan, Kimla Taz. 2012.





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