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Bullion Genre Rock


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1. Cracked Glass Eye

2. Drunkeness is Happiness

3. Flower Power Sam

4. Good God Jack

5. No More Flying

6. UFO

7. Wonderment

Recording date: 1973

Group Members: Dave Cowling (vocs), Bruno Stapenhill (bass gtr), Pete Boot (drums, perc), Ernie Chataway (gtr, vocs), Pete West (gtr).

Additional Info: Group formed in the West Midlands circa 1972. Dave Cowling had previously fronted The Bobcats in the mid-sixties. Stapenhill and Boot had previously played in Blue Condition with Al Atkins, original lead singer with Judas Priest. Pete Boot had also previously played in The Extreem, Warlock and Fingers and would go onto play in Lion (with Al Atkins and Bruno Stapenhill), Sweaty Betty, Suicide, Possessed and Budgie. Stapenhill had previously played in the Bitta Sweet, Blue Condition, Jug Blues Band, Sugar Stack and Judas Priest and went on to join Pete Boot and Al Atkins in Lion. Bullion recorded seven songs at Bone Studios in Birmingham between January and February, 1973.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Pete Boot, Norman Hood. 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright P. Boot, B. Stapenhill, N. Hood. 2012.

Special thanks to: Pete Boot, Brian (Bruno) Stapenhill, Norman Hood.

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