The Variations

The Variations



A popular band from Hull that was made up of members from other local acts such as: Plague '66 and That Feeling. Both of these earlier bands had recorded at Fairview, but with no success in securing a record deal or publishing. The Variations gigged all over the UK supporting acts such as: The Love Affair, The Gods, The Move and Dave Berry (and The Sponge). In 1969, the keyboard player and lead singer both died in a car accident and the band split shortly after. Most members went on to form Karaelius (see entry). Paul Sutton left to form karaelius (see entry). Kev Corbett had previously played in Plague '66 and That Feeling.


Dave Carmichael (guitar), Paul Sutton (guitar), Frank Preston (drums), Ray Hussey (bass guitar), Nigel Dalton (keyboards), Dave Walkerley, Janet Hassan, Dave Marshall, Noel Caroll, Kev Corbett (vocals).



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Special Thanks to Paul Sutton, Kevin Corbett, Keith Herd