Johnny Small

Johnny Small



Recording date:
Group Members: Johnny Small (vocs, kbds), Rick Kemp (bass gtr), Johnny 'Pat' Paterson (bass gtr).
Additional Info: Johnny Small debuted with THe Fabians before appearing as Johnny Small and the Little People which was a refreshed line-up of the Keith Herd Band but with representative management. He also went on to front the Small Four (see entry). In the late 1960s, Johnny Small was assisted by Rod Temperton from local band, The Hammer. A number of songs were written and recorded at Fairview studios, but nothing materialised. Temperton would eventually leave The Hammer to form disco group, Heatwave and then achieve huge success writing for Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. Johnny Small emigrated to the USA where he still lives.


Very special thanks to: Keith Herd, Johnny 'Pat' Paterson.