Inflatable Toy

Inflatable Toy




Originated from Southampton. After departing with their lead singer, John Drevar (John Drevar's Expression - see entry), The Expression re-named themselves Inflatable Toy. The band wanted to pursue their more favoured progressive style having predominantly played ‘soul’ music for the last few years with John Drevar. The band perfromed a rock-styled version of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no. 1 in Bb minor. Richie Hayes stated that they had to play it in Am-“ an easier key for guitarists”! John Peel was scheduled to produce their recording session, but suddenly fell ill and was replaced by Gus Dudgeon at the last minute. Their recordings were made at John Claydon and Terry King's studios situated in Abbots Ann (see also: Ten Feet Five, Circle Plantagenet). Four tracks were recorded and so far, two ar known to have survived (see recordings). Tracks recorded were: Concerto, Mao Tse Tung, Sugar Honey, Grandma's Box. The band also performed in Scandinavia as well as at home. Colin Willsher left to join Joker while Melvyn McRae joined Refugee.


Richie Hayes (keyboard), Melvyn McRae (guitar), Colin Willsher (bass guitar), Derek Edmond (drums).



Copyright Notices

(Concerto composed by Tchaikovsky, arranged by Hayes, McRae, Willsher, Edmond. Sugar, Honey written by Hayes, McRae, Willsher, Edmond).

All recorded and photographic material copyright R. Hayes, D. Edmond, M. McRae, C. Wilsher. 2012.

Special thanks to: Richie Hayes, Derek Edmond, David St. John.