Friday's Chyld

Friday's Chyld




Friday's Chyld originated from Hounslow, Essex in 1966. The group were financed and handled by local entrepreneur and reporter, Ray Hammond. The band were booked in for two recording sessions at R. G. Jones' studios in Morden, Surrey in 1967. The first recording session produced It's Not Easy Falling Out Of Love and Boys and Girls Together. The second recording session produced I Didn't Know You and I Just Can't Wait. Unfortunately, only the second recording session has survived from R. G. Jones studio. All four songs were written by Dave Lambert. Immediately after the second recording session, the band were introduced to other local entrepreneurs, John Turner and Derek Savage and the band were re-named as Fire and sent off to audition for Decca. The story of this band continues in the entry for Fire.



Dave Lambert (guitar, vocs), Dick Dufall (bass guitar), Bob Voice (drums).



Copyright Notices

NB. The BMA would like to invite collectors and historians to share their knowledge on the possible whereabouts of any existing formats that represent the first recording session made by Friday's Chyld, thank you.

All songs composed by D. Lambert. Published by Fazz Music 2012.

All recorded and photographic material copyright D. Lambert. 2012.

Very special thanks to: Dave Lambert, Terry Peaker, David Wells.