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This Kind

This Kind


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1. Dirty City
 2. I've Got It
Recording date: 1966
Group Members: Brian Lammas (gtr, vocs), Keith Lammas (gtr), Brian Meredith (bass gtr), Rob Mason (drums), Dave Munday (drums), Mickey Batt (sax), Neville Pingriff (kbds).
Additional Info: Formed in Worcester in 1965. The band recorded two group originals over two hours at John Graham Sound studios in 1966. They arranged to press up 200 copies of their own single on MJB to sell at gigs and to promote the band to booking agents for more gigs. Their only single was released on new year's day in 1967. In 1968, they added brass and keyboards with Mickey Batt and Neville Pingriff respectively. They became known as Krusty Stubbs and the Freight Wagon and took on a more Tamla Motown / Soul influence. This enabled the band to obtain more live bookings.

 Special thanks to the Purple Heart Archive.



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