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The Telstars

The Telstars Genre Rock


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1. You've Got To Leave

2. That's A Man's Way

Recording date:
Group Members: Ian 'Sludge' Lees (vocs), Terry Heath (gtr), Dave Jones (bass gtr), George Davies (keyboards), Colin Corbett (drums).
Additional Info: You've Got To Leave and That's A Man's Way recorded at Advision studios. Formed in Cannock, Staffordshire circa 1962. Ian 'Sludge' Lees went on to join Finders Keepers and The Montanas.

The Telstars appeared in the Midland Beat Group Championship Contests regularly and appeared on the BBC's Midlands Home Service programme 'One Night Stand' on 26th January, 1965. This show featured many local musicians. The Telstars recorded four demos in 1964. 'You've Got To Leave' and 'That's A Man's Way' were recorded in 1965.


Very special thanks to the Purple Heart Archive. 2011.

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