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Shide and Acorn


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1. The Coming Of The Raven

2. A Grey Rider Approached

3. Autumn Lullaby

4. Eleanorís Song

5. The Lady and The Island

6. Heron Grey

7. The Sundial

8. Riverman

9. I Love The Day

10. Shadow of The Raven

11. The Grey Seas

12. Goodbye Riverman

13. Troll Forge, Mirandel

14. Watching A Seagull

15. Princess Of The Island

16. Pendragon

17. Come All You Travellers

18. Legend

19. Song Of The Celandine Fairy

20. Island

21. Summer

22. America Woods

23. I Used To Live Within A World

24. How Beautiful The Light

25. Like Catching Dreamstones

26. Do You Remember

27. Oh Were They Calling Me

28. Introduction

29. Eleanorís Song

30. Away, Fly Away Love

31. Trucking

32. Girl Of The Cosmos

33. Heron Grey

34. Under The Tree

35. So Long Day

36. Solitude

37. Marigold

38. Sound Of Winds
Recording Date: 1969-1971
Group Members:

Mike Jolliffe (gtr, vocs), Steve Jolliffe (bass gtr), Joy Perkis (vocs), Gerry Cahill (lead gtr, flute), Graham Spencer (kbds), John Newman (gtr, vocs).

Additional Info:


Tracks 1- 13, recorded in the Isle of Wight, 1969. Tracks 14-20, recorded in Paris, June, 1970. Tracks 21-27, recorded in the Isle Of Wight 1969-1970. Tracks 28-39, recorded at Solent Studios, Isle of Wight, 1971.


Originated from the Isle of Wight. Previously known as Foehammer, Peppermint Snuff of Wight and Wight. The band recorded many demoís and an LP was issued privately with a handful of copies being pressed only. Under the Tree (Tracks 28-39) was issued in 1971.

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