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Small Four

Small Four Genre Rock


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1. Yesterday's Golden Light

2. I Ran All The Way Home

3. Whispering Grass

4. Why Do Lovers

5. It's Just A Song

6. Look My Way

7. Unchained Melody

Recording date: circa 1966/67
Group Members: Johnny 'Pat' Paterson (bass gtr), Tony Gosling (gtr). Steve Trice (gtr), Johnny Small (kbds, vocs), Dave Morris (drums).
Additional Info: The Small Four enjoyed a single release in 1966 with Pye rtecords (One Up For Me b/w I'll Find Him). Johnny 'Pat' Paterson and Tony Gosling had both previously played in The Aces during the Skiffle craze of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Various members went on to play the club circuit as Matthew and Son (see entry).


Special thanks to: Johnny Paterson and Tony Gosling.

All recorded and photographic material copyright J. Paterson/J. Small/T. Gosling. 2011.


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