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St. Louis Checks

St. Louis Checks


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1. Hallelujah, I Love Her So

2. Busted

Recording date:
Group Members: Mick McGuigan (bass gtr), Mark Hunter (bass gtr), Ginger Woods (kbds), Alan Williams (drums). Chris West (vocs), Nick Nicholson (gtr), Eric Merriwood (kbds).
Additional Info: Portsmouth band formed in 1965. Mick McGuigan went off to join Coconut Mushroom (see entry) in 1967. Alan Williams joined Magic Roundabout then Harlem Speakeasy.

Photographs kindly supplied by Nigel Grundy ( These photographs are the property of Nigel Grundy and are copyright Nigel Grundy. 2012.

Very special thanks to: Alan Williams, Dave Allen, Nigel Grundy, David St. John. 

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