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Springfield Park

Springfield Park Genre Rock


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1. Love's Our Thing

2. Land Of Hope and Gloria

3. Battle Cry

4. Halfway There

5. Loud As You Can

6. We Show You Paradise

Recording date:
Group Members: Tony Curtin (vocals), Andy Gee (gtr, back vocs), Martin Croxford (Piano), Bob Sapsed (bass gtr), Barry Tustin (drums).
Additional Info: See text below 


The band was originally named, 'The Marvin Lois Enterprise', and was formed through being friends at their secondary school in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, in 1962.

Vocals: Ken Lewis

Guitar / Backing Vocals: Roy Lewis

Piano: Martin Croxford

Bass: Bob Sapsed

Drums: Barry Tustin

We made a demo of a Curtis Mayfield number called 'You've Been Cheating' (by his band 'The Impressions') which our manager (dad of guitarist Roy Lewis and singer Ken Lewis) sent to EMI. Tim Rice (now Sir Tim!) as A&R man came to Clacton with another EMI man Andrews Lloyd Webber (!) and subsequently offered the band a recording contract and re-named us 'The Shell'.

Following the 'flop' (as described in Tim Rice's autobiography) a new manager, Sid Bacon' (also manager of 'The Love Affair') came on the scene. Brothers Roy and Ken left the band and Sid brought along a talented new guitarist; Andreas Groeber (apologies, Andy, if I have, after all we went through, spelt your real name incorrectly!) whose stage name became Andy Gee. A new singer was also introduced Tony Curtain - after rejecting Jon Anderson who became the singer of 'Yes'!

Therefore, the 'Springfield Park' line up was:

Vocals: Tony Curtin

Guitar / Backing Vocals: Andy Gee

Piano: Martin Croxford

Bass: Bob Sapsed

Drums: Barry Tustin

In 1968 the band released 'Never An Every Day Thing' on CBS and managed another flop.

'Springfield Park', did not think that the record represented them as a band and struggled to find a true identity. Each band member now had varying influences and musical visions. This is why the variety of demos were produced in an attempt to find a style in the changing world reflected in popular music.

The end result of the demos, through not finding a common direction, was the break up of the band, and each member went their individual ways. In the years following, each band member pursued a varying interest and involvement in the music industry, but the eventual needs of partners, wives and family, lead to each to choose less precarious occupations.

Nevertheless, in the words of the John Miles song, each of us can most certainly say ' music was my first love, and it will be my last'.

A Brief History of Springfield Park kindly submitted by Barry Tustin. 2011.

Very special thanks to: Andy Gee, Barry Tustin.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Andy Gee and Barry Tustin. 2011.






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