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6AX (Six Across)

6AX (Six Across) Genre Rock
Years active 1967


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1. Penelope Breedlove 

Recording date: 1967 

Group Members: Mick Payne, Terry Wild, Dick Clarke, Kip Wilkes, Bob Bentley, Ray Marshall, Graham Newton.

Additional Info: Formed in Derbyshire as The Heralds in 1963. Signed to the Nottingham-based Banner productions agency owned by Phil Smith. Played a residency at the Playboy club in London. Both songs recorded in 1967 at the Derby Locarno. A Five Star production, Emidisc Acetate.
Singer Dave Christie replaced the lead vocal and released his version on Mercury records in 1968. Christie jointly produced the 6AX recording with Jack Jay.

Special thanks to: Terry Wild, Graham Newton, Kip Wilkes.

All photographic and recorded material copyright Terry Wild.





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