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The Revolution

The Revolution


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1 I've Gone (1967) The Revolution - Recordings Play Add to current playlist
2 Walking By Myself (1967) The Revolution - Recordings Play Add to current playlist


1. I've Gone

2. Walking BY Myself

Recording Date: 1967

Group Members: Geoff 'Mad Dog' Horgan (gtr, vocs), Ian Scotney (gtr, vocs), Platon Georgiades (bass, vocs), Neil Adams (drums).

Additional Info: Formed in 1966 in Wallington, Surrey. Their debut gig was at their local christian coffee bar in 1966. The Revolution were managed by Geoff Dulley. In 1967, they recorded two songs at the Modern Music Centre where an acetate was produced for the band.

The band recorded several songs at Pye studios in 1968 under the supervision of Norrie Paramor. A one-sided acetate LP was cut for the band*. By 1968, the band had changed their name to New Life when Neil Adams took over on keyboards and backing vocals and a new drummer stepped in called Ken (surname unknown). A number of recordings were made in Neil Adams' garage. They played an open air festival in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in 1968, but split up in 1969 after the departure of Ian Scotney. Geoff Horgan went on to join a local band called Toad. By 1970, Horgan had teamed up with Platon Georgiades and Neil Adams again to form Why Not with Rob Godwin and Chris Page. Why Not were managed by Graham Rollinson, editor of Penthouse magazine.

*Both Geoff Horgan and Ian Scotney had recorded several demos at Pye studios in 1968 where Ian Scotney was working. The recording sessions were acquired as 'auditions', but nothing ever materialised and the recordings have since been misplaced.

Following text kindly submitted by Geoff Horgan, 2012:

"WHY NOT started in December, 1970. We made three albums with that band until 1976, and one album was started in 1980 when the band shortly got back together, but was not finished. That album I got re-mixed and re-worked with the help of Reg Fellows (producer of Diamond Head) in 1992 and those tracks were eventually released in 2000 on World Wide records in the USA, SPM International in Germany and on Island Records in the UK, titled "Revolution Inc.". I moved to live in Germany in 1981 writing songs for many other bands and worked for MPL Communcations and other companies as a composer releasing odd tracks under the WHY NOT band name here and there. In 1997 I restarted WHY NOT and so far up to today we have 9 Albums released."

Very special thanks to Geoff Horgan and Timo Treis.

I've Gone written by Geoff Horgan. Walking By Myself written by Jens Laine.

All songs copyright Why Not Inc. 2011. All recorded and photographic material copyright Why Not Inc. 2011.


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