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Rivers Invitation

Rivers Invitation Genre Rock


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1. I Need To Fly

2. Marcie

3. Smile

Recording date:
Group Members: Alan Ludley (vocs), Alan Fearnley (gtr), Peter Ayton (bass gtr), Ray Dales (sax), Ron Aspery (sax), Merv Jones (drums).
Additional Info: Rivers Invitation originated from the Teesside area in the north of England and included members from The Denmen and the Real McCoy. Rivers Invitation were signed to the Chrysalis agency who also handled Jethro Tull. The band recorded a number of demos for Polydor including a version of Seasons In The Sun, but none of the recordings were released. David Coverdale joined the band later in the early 1970s before joining Deep Purple and then forming Whitesnake after.

All recorded material copyright: Rivers Invitation. 2012.

All photographic material copyright Alan Fearnley. Reproduced by kind permission, 2012.

Very special thanks to: Stan Laundon, Adrian Ludley, Alan Fearnley, Peter Ayton.

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