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1. We Aim To Please

2. No More White Horses

3. Paper Anne

4. Seaweed

5. Break The Spell

6. Strange Ways

7. Man With No Name

8. Watching

9. Youíre Still Waiting

10. Breakthrough

11. The Story

12. Folder Man

13. Seeing Stars

14. Words To Say

15. Before

16. Time Goes By

17. The Road

18. Rise and Shine

19. Still Dreaming

20. Secrets

21. Who You Know

22. But

23. Steal Your Dreams

Recording Date: 1968-1969
Group Members: Peter Dunton (drums, vocs, kbds), Bernard Jinks (bass gtr, vocs), Nick Spenser (gtr, vocs). Jurgen Ermisch (kbds), Robin Hunt (flute, vocs), Rod Harrison (gtr).
Additional Info:

Originated from London circa 1968. Peter Dunton, Bernard Jinks, Jurgen Ermisch and Nick Spenser had previously been in Neon Pearl (see entry). After a hastily abandoned initial line-up consisting of Adrian Gurvitz and a brief spell with The Flies  for Dunton, Please re-formed without Gurvitz in 1969. Pleaseís first set of demo recordings from 1968 involved members from The Flies (Rod Harrison and Robin Hunt), (see tracks 1-12). Having quit the band to follow Gurvitz into The Gun, the remaining members went off to form Bulldog Breed. After a brief spell with The Gun, Dunton reformed Please with ex-Neon Pearl members, Bernard Jinks and Nick Spenser. Dunton played keyboards for this line-up as they couldnít find a keyboard player in time for their scheduled recording. Tracks 13-23 were recorded over two week-long sessions at Marquee studios, London in September and October, 1969. Although the band had recorded an LPís worth of original material, there was no record company interest thus prompting Spenser to leave. This left Dunton and Jinks to form Morning with ex-Bulldog Breed guitarist, Keith Cross. Morning became better known as T2 (see entry) who signed to Decca records in 1970 recording their LP, Itíll All Work Out In Boomland.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Peter Dunton. 2013.

All recorded and photographiuc material copyright P. Dunton. 2013.

Special thanks to: Peter Dunton, Klemen Breznikar.

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