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1. Not Sarah

2. Where Love's Concerned
Recording Date: 1968
Group Members: Steve Webber (vocs, kbds), Alan Morgan (vocs, bass gtr), Peter Hicks, Steve Lawson, Peter Young.
Additional Info: Steve Webber and Alan Morgan were signed to Apple music publishing in 1968 as songwriters. Steve Webber had previously played keyboards in Geranium Pond (see entry), a 'psychedelic' band managed by Radio London disc jockey, John Edward. As Promise, Webber and Morgan wrote and recorded two songs for Apple which were never issued. The songwriters eventually signed to Nems publishing who offered them a record deal resulting in a single release on 3rd April, 1969 (Just For You b/w Nine Til Five).

Later in 1969, Steve Webber joined a band called Welcome that featured John McCoy, future bass guitarist for Gillan. Welcome recorded a handful of demos for Pye, none of which were issued at the time.

All recorded and photographic material copyright, S. Webber.

Special thanks to: Steve Webber.

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