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Peep Show

Peep Show Genre Rock


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1. Do Not Wait For Better Times  

2. Morning

Recording date: 1967
Group Members: Stephen Morris , Dave Cartwright, Stephen Stringer, Patrick Burston.
Additional Info: Peep Show originated from Birmingham. Peep Show recordings produced by Peter Meaden and Norman Jopling. Further recordings made by Peep Show that were commercially unreleased at the time:

1. Goodbye Child 2. Called and Chosen 3. Lost My Lover 4. Lovey Dovey Feeling 5. Rum Sensation 6. Big Giant Man 7. When You’re Getting Tired 8. The Hovercraft Song 9. Silver Queen Of The Screen 10. What A Funny Name 11. S.O.S. Miss Celeste 12. S.O.S. Miss Celeste (studio backing track) 13. Warm Welcome 14. Mattress Company 15. Do Not Wait For Better Times (home demo) 16. Firefly 17. Remember Her Face 18. The Trees Are On The Line 19. My Friends And I

Due to the artist still seeking a commercial return on their work, the featured selections have been permitted for streaming purposes only on this website. Other recordings may be available elsewhere on commercial formats, outside of this archive.

Both songs composed by S. Morris. All songs published by Ideal Music. All Peep Show recordings are available on iTunes via Ideal Music publishing. S. Morris has kindly permitted use of two songs for use in the archive. A CD anthology of all Peep Show recordings was released in 2007 by Sanctuary records.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Stephen Morris & Ideal Music, Norman Jopling. 2012.

Very special thanks to: Stephen Morris, Iker Spozio (Morning Magazine), Norman Jopling, David Wells.




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