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Neon Pearl

Neon Pearl


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1. What You See

2. Dream Scream

3. Out Of Sight

4. Just Another Day

5. Forever

6. Going With The Flow

7. Urban Ways

8. Going Back

9. Dream

10. Nothing To Say

Recording Date: 1967
Group Members: Peter Dunton (drums, vocs, gtr, kbds), Bernard Jinks (bass gtr, vocs), Nick Spenser (gtr, harmonium)
Additional Info:

Originated from London circa 1967. The band headed to Germany for work purposes where the group proved a popular live attraction thanks to their choice of cover material and ‘alternative’ self-composed material. Although the band were enjoying some success in the German jazz clubs, Bernard Jinks decided to return to England leaving room for two German musicians to join the band. Jurgen Ermisch and a man named Holger based themselves in Kassel to rehearse and write material. Further live success ensued, but Peter Dunton decided to return to England re-uniting with Bernard Jinks and joined by Nick Spenser. The band were eventually given studio time by a music publisher where they recorded several demos. After the demos were recorded, Spenser left and was replaced by Adrian Gurvitz with Jurgen Ermisch being invited over from Germany to join on keyboards. This reformed outfit would become Please (see entry). For a brief interim period in 1968, Peter Dunton went on to join The Flies, joining them as drummer and writing most of their new material for RCA records that year. After RCA’s interest had faded for The Flies’ members split to form other acts such as Infinity (Ian Baldwin and John Da Costa) whilst Dunton teamed up with Neon Pearl associates, Bernard Jinks, Nick Spenser and Jurgen Ermisch to form Please. Peter Dunton later formed T2 (see entry) with Bernard Jinks and Keith Cross.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Peter Dunton. 2013.

All recorded and photographic material copyright P. Dunton. 2013.

Special thanks to: Peter Dunton, Klemen Breznikar.

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