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Muffin Genre Rock


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1. Dance, Dance

2. Don't Go Throwing Your Life Away

3. Hazy Crazy

4. Join In

5. Mother Nature

Recording date: circa 1971 - 1972
Group Members: Mick Simmonds (vocs), Mick Casey (gtr, cello), Tony Evans (gtr), Ian Adamson (bass gtr, piano, moog), Danny Bacon (drums).
Additional Info: Formed in Welwyn Garden City. Various members used to play in other Welwyn bands; The Trekkas and Herbal Remedy (aka The Remedy) in the 1960s. Muffin were managed by the Amazing Dog Company. This management company was made up of two songwriters, Brain Freshwater and David Jeavons. David Jeavons had previously managed and written two songs for another Hertfordshire group called the Art Movement who made a privately released E.P. for Livingston records in 1967. Art Movement went on to record for EMI and Decca and eventually performed and recorded with Roy Orbison.

Muffin recorded a single for D'art records which was released in 1972. One of the songs featured on the single was written by Freshwater and Jeavons and was an Amazing Dog production.


Special thanks to: Ian Adamson.

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