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Katdz Genre Rock


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1. Timber
2. Sand and Water
3. Status Symbol
4. Outsider
Recording date:
Group Members: Ken Gardner (gtr), Bob 'Noddy' Davies (gtr), Robert Dalnoki (aka Daly), Chris 'Click' Aston (bass gtr), Ted Lancaster (bass gtr).
Additional Info: All four songs recorded at Domino Sound Studios, Albrighton, Birmingham.

Also known as 'Katz'. Used to be called 'The Vacant Lot'. Regular band at the Rum Runner discotheque in Birmingham circa 1966. Local record label, Tetlow, released an E.P. called 'Katz - Live At The Rum Runner'.
The band re-named themselves Cinnamon Quill. They were signed by music publisher Gerry Bron and Morgan records released their two singles in 1968.


Very special thanks to the Purple Heart Archive. 2011.

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