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John Drevar's Expression

John Drevar's Expression


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1. You've Got Me Humming 

Recording date: 1967 

Group Members: John Drevar - aka Drever (vocs), Melvyn McRae (gtr), Colin Willsher (bass gtr), Geoff Vaughan, Richie Hayes (kbds), Derek Edmond (drums), Barry Palmer, Keith Bennett (sax)

Additional Info:

John Drevarís Expression originated from Southampton. John Drevar was originally in a band called The Planets with Beau Dinnage and David St. John (Dinnage and St. John moved into The Unforgiven). Drevar departed in 1965 to from The Expression. Group members were recruited from various other Southampton acts such as the Earth Angels and The Chris Shakespeare Movement. All of these named acts were handled by local entrepreneur and disc jockey, Dave Jay. Melvyn McRae and Derek Edmond had joined from the Earth Angels with Richie Hayes leaving the Chris Shakespeare Movement to join JDE. As well as there being continuous live work both at home and abroad, the newly-formed John Drevarís Expression were signed up and recording their debut single for MGM records (UK division). In 1967, MGM issued The Closer She Gets b/w When I Come Home. Although the single didnít sell sufficiently, the band were performing alongside people such as Jimi Hendrix at the Paris Olympia and the Playboy Club in London. They also played at the world premiere of the film, Thoroughly Modern Millie. By 1968, the band had decided to split with The Expression leaving to follow a more preferred progressive style. The band re-named themselves as Inflatable Toy (see entry). John Drevar returned to join Chris Shakespeare in The Globe Show who were then signed to Page One records.

All recorded and photographic material kindly supplied by Richie Hayes, Derek Edmond.

All recorded and photographic material copyright John Drevar's Expression. 2012.

Special thanks to: Richie Hayes, Derek Edmond, David St. John.



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