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Haverson Apricot

Haverson Apricot Genre Rock


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1. Wax Candle 

Recording Date: 1968

Group Members: Greg Harris (gtr), Rob Ashong (gtr, vocs), Aniel Pucela (gtr), Clive Drake (bass gtr), Dave Huwitt (drums), Terry Wliliams (drums). 

Additional Info: Haverson Apricot originated in 1967 from Bridgend, South Wales. They were signed to the local JV Entertainments agency who gained them a recording session in London at the Modern Music Centre where they recorded the group original Wax Candle. They were documented in a Welsh rock fanzine called Axis which promoted bands from South Wales including Haverson Apricot, Plum Crazy, Stone Idol and Liquid Umbrella.

Greg Harris went on to join Welsh rock band James Hogg who were signed to Regal Zonophone in 1972 recording three single releases for E.M.I. Terry Williams went onto join Love Sculpture before enjoying a long career with fellow Welsh rockers, Man. Williams had played with a band called The Dream before joining Haverson Apricot via a short stint with Plum Crazy. Rob Ashong turned to Christianity and records and performs to this day.


Very special thanks to: Francis Greg Harris, Ray Jones, David Wells.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Francis Greg Harris. 2012.


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