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Dave Harvey Set

Dave Harvey Set Genre Rock


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1. Mirror Of My Mind

2. Now That You're Gone

Recording date: 1967
Group Members: Dave Harvey (gtr/vocs), Pete Peters (bass gtr), Ian White (drums).
Additional Info: Originated from Hull. Recorded two group originals at Fairview studios in Hull. The recordings were made when the group were gigging as the Dave Harvey Set, but were considering changing their name to the more fashionable moniker of The Pavement, to gain publishing and label interest.

The group disbanded in 1967 with Dave Harvey joining up with Garden Odyssey Enterprise, a band who gained further recognition in the clubs and signed a recording contract with Decca. They recorded a single for Deram records released in 1969.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Dave Harvey. 2011.

Very special thanks to Dave Harvey, Happening45, Keith Herd.



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