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The Hammer

The Hammer Genre Rock


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1. Live And Let Live

2. Where But For Caravan Would I

3. Every Little Thing

4. Broken Arrow

5. Morning Dew

6. Sweetness

7. Time Of The Season

8. Down River

9. Who Cares

10. And Suddenly

11. DJM recording sessions

Recording date: 1968-1969
Group Members: Stan Saye (bass gtr), John Howden (drums), Rod Temperton (keyboards, John Parker (vocs), Geoff Ramsdale (gtr)
Additional Info: Formed in Hull circa 1968. Ex-Roger Bloom's Hammer. The Hammer evolved out of Roger Bloom's Hammer (Roger Bloom went on to form Axe simultaneously). The Hammer were a professional touring band appearing in Denmark and Germany. They recorded at Fairview studios before recording an LP in Denmark Street for DJM in London in 1969. When DJM refused to release their LP, The Hammer split up. The band became a four-piece called Spreadeagle then split shortly after.

Rod Temperton joined Jessie and The Gang before writing songs for UK Disco act, Heatwave. He gained even more success ater meeting Quincy Jones and writing many worldwide hits for Michael Jackson.

John (David) Parker left to join Boston Showband who later became the Glitter Band backing Gary Glitter.

NB. The DJM recording sessions exist on reel to reel tape and have been transferred and archived. Track details and permission to make it available for music streaming has not been permitted.

Following article written by Stan Saye (RIP):

By late 1968 The Hammer became the four piece I remember and love so much. The band was originally created from members of Roger Bloom's Hammer, Ways n Means and two 'conscripts' and we turned pro in '68 as a soul band. Unfortunately due to family commitments, home sickness etc they didn't last too long. Only John Parker and me were left. We were then joined by Russ Ainthorpe on drums and Rod Temperton on keyboards.

We hated the name The Hammer but were stuck with it. We played all sorts of venues - from village halls to top clubs and theatres enjoying success and acclaim on the 'live' circuit. We travelled the whole of the UK and Ireland, eventually taking up residency in Germany from where we travelled throughout Europe including Scandinavia.

Two Setbacks:

1. We recorded an album in Dick James' studio in London alongside Elton John (Studio One) and The Troggs (Studio Two). We were in Studio Three. Dick James made it clear the album would not be released if we didn't sign Rods song writing abilities away. Rod quite rightly refused and the album was scrapped.

2. We finally got a Friday night gig at the Marquee, in Wardour Street, London. The music press, agents and studio owners always came. If they liked you that was your springboard. That was the day Hendrix died. I think we played to an audience of three.

We still carried around touring but I think the spirit had gone. John replaced Gary Glitter in Germany whilst Russ, Rod and me joined forces with a German duo. We were playing mundane clubs with mundane material.

John carved out a solo career, Russ went home and I went home to my wife and baby daughter. Rod stayed in Germany, joined a band called Heatwave and the rest is history. Rod did actually ask me to join Heatwave with him but I refused. BIG MISTAKE!!

In my view Hammer turned into the most inventive, creative band to come out of this area, mostly due to Rod Temperton's writing and musical talents. Any arguments!?

Special thanks to: Keith Herd, Stan Saye (RIP), John Parker.



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