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1. Tales of The Riverbank

2. America Wood

3. Morning

4. Mac’s Café

5. This Change In Me

6. Fairhill Affair

7. Mind The Houses

Recording Date: 1972
Group Members: Mike Jolliffe (gtr, vocs), Gerry Chaill (lead gtr, flute), Paul Athye (perc, drums, gtr, backing vocs), Mike Cuffe (bass gtr), Anthony Minghella (kbds, Mellotron).
Additional Info:


Originated from the Isle of Wight circa 1971. Formed by Mike Jolliffe, Mike Cuffe and Gerry Cahill later recruiting Paul Athey and Anthony Minghella. Cuffe, Jolliffe and Cahill had previously played with Steve Jolliffe and Joy Perkis in Shide and Acorn from 1969-1971 (see entry). Dancer were originally known as Trans Love before re-naming themselves as Dancer.

All songs recorded at Olympic Studios, London, 1972.

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