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Denmen Genre Rock


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1. Hoochie Coochie Man

2. Johnny B Goode

3. Never Needed You

4. Oh Little Girl

5. Sock It To 'Em JB

6. Walking The Dog

Recording date: .
Group Members: Paul Rhucroft, Alan Ludley, George Trigg, Merv Jones, Peter Jackson, Peter Ayton.
Additional Info: Originated from Teesside in the north of England circa 1964. The Denmen toured Spain, Switzerland and Germany after responding to an advert in the Melody Maker calling for bands to tour. They supported other British acts such as Procol Harum and The Creation. The Denmen appeared under the name of Gordon James and the Injection whilst touring in Europe. The group returned to England and split up with members going on to form Rivers Invitation (see entry).

All recorded material copyright The Denmen. 2012.

All photographic material copyright: Alan Fearnley.2012. Reproduced with ind permission 2012.

Very special thanks to: Adrian Ludley, Stan Laundon, Peter Ayton and Alan Fearnley. 2011.

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