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Genre Rock


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1. Love Will Turn You Round

2. Killing Time

3. Tea and Toast

4. Maybe Cleo

5. The Swoop

6. Margate '73

7. Elements

8. Spaced Out Doris (The Weekend Hippie)

Recording date: 1970 - 1973
Group Members:
Additional Info: Cargo's debut recordings presented here (tracks 1 & 2) are taken directly from a white label 45rpm pressing. Cargo returned to the studios in 1973 visiting Zella studios in Edgbaston to record an LP provisionally entitled 'Delivering The Goods'. The unreleased LP included a second version of Killing Time. The recordings from 1973 for their LP remain on cassette and are currently being salvaged for restoration. This band is un-connected to Cargo from Tamworth who were active at the same time.


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