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Roger Bloom's Hammer

Roger Bloom's Hammer Genre Rock


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1. City Store

2. That's Alright With Me

3. The Dream

Recording date: 1967

Group Members: Peter A. Green, Roger Bloom, Bob Cranswick, Mike Brooke, Peter Mcleod, Chris Fairbanks
Additional Info: Originated in Hull after forming as The Mods. Signed to CBS records with two single releases in 1967. Disbanded in 1968. Roger Bloom went on to join Axe. The remaining band members together with Stan Sayes from the Ways N Means (also from Hull) and John Howden, played on as The Hammer featuring Rod Temperton who went on to form UK disco band Heatwave and write several million-selling hits for Michael Jackson. See entry for The Hammer.

With very special thanks to Keith Herd and Peter A. Green for their invaluable assistance, time and support.


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