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Patrick Adam

Patrick Adam Genre Rock


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(Full session demos):

1. Alien Flower
2. On The Back Of A Giant
3. Chingatchgook
4. Kings Road Libertine
5, Running Out Of Time
6. The One That Got Away
7. When I Needed You
8, Hey Presto
9. Sunset
10. I Wonder
11. Unfound
12. My How The Time Flies By
13. Give Me The Sun
14. Reed Blowing In The Wind
15. Moving On
16. Lemonade Love
17. Love Is Old, Love Is New

(Acoustic session demos):

18. Imagining
19. Sea Girl
20. Tell My Friends
21. Wide Open Road
22. When I Was Young
23. Dilute To Taste
24. Hurry Boy
25. Seems Like Only Yesterday
26. Faded Photograph
27. Just Like A Lady
28. That Certain Something

Recording date:
Group Members: Patrick Adam (gtr,Vocs)
Additional Info:

The following information was kindly supplied by Patrick Adam on 26th April, 2012. 

Having moved to Manchester in the mid sixties to study Art and Design at Manchester College of Art, Patrick became lead singer with a 12-piece band at the city’s famous Belle Vue Park Centre singing the Top Twenty Hits of each week to a packed crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. He shared the theatre’s revolving stage with DJ Jimmy Savile’s disco show and top acts such as Billy Fury and PJ Proby.

Off stage, he worked with musicians Hotlegs, who later became 10CC and promoters Harvey Lisberg and Kennedy Street Enterprises.

It wasn’t long before Patrick’s talent was spotted and he was given his own solo performances with backing musicians where he could sing his own songs – and some of his favourites by Tim Hardin, Neil Diamond and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Once he was in the spotlight on his own, it was DJ Jimmy Savile who brought talent scouts up from London to see Patrick’s show and he was soon signed up to RCA records as a solo recording artist.

His growing career drew him to London, and Patrick moved to Kings Road, Chelsea. He began writing his own music full time and had song-writing contracts with Francis Day & Hunter, Leeds Music and Sunbury Music.

He was first managed by Paul Hollingdale, former presenter of Radio 2’s Breakfast Show and later by Mel Collins, manager of Cat Stevens and The Zombies. Patrick wrote the songs for his first RCA single ‘How Wrong I Was To Leave Her’, the ‘B’ side became a hit in France, recorded as 'Le Rêve De Ma Vie' by singer John William.

Patrick regularly sang on BBC Radio 2’s Night Ride show and had what he describes as the ‘privilege’ of recording in some of the best studios of the time – Air Studio, Phillips, Olympic, the BBC’s Paris and Aeolian Hall Studios, RG Jones and the infamous Abbey Road Studios.

At the same time as writing songs, Patrick enjoyed success penning and performing music and jingles for TV and radio adverts.   Currently Patrick is writing songs for other performers and is producing songs and music for 'Charlie’s Ark' – by Mike Payne (cartoonist and creator of Tatty Teddy) all about a 5 year old boy with a magic ark full of his toy animals.

All recorded and photographic material copyright Patrick Adam. 2012.

Very special thanks to: P. Adam.





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