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The Amalgamation

The Amalgamation Genre Rock


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1. Brackleshaw Thinking

2. Livin' Love True

3. Elaine

4. Like Before

Recording date: Circa 1969
Group Members: Brian Alsford (voc, kbds, bass gtr)
Additional Info: Recorded at R.G. Jones recording studios in Morden, Surrey. The Amalgamation originated from Worthging in Sussex. Brian Alsford was also a qualified Butcher when he was appearing in this group. The Amalgamation recorded four self-penned songs for a privately released E.P. (OAK, RGJ 623). The Amalgamation went on to appear on the second volume of a sampler LP issued by Transworld records entitled 'Samantha Promotions'. This was released to promote underground rock bands to universities and booking agents. This LP was issued in 1970.

Special thanks to: Purple Heart Archive. 2012.


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